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Monday, November 4, 2013

Never-ending 60% OFF on all transcriptions

Yamaha originals demo song 2 and PJ Grand's transcriptions (Mi amore, Memories of days gone by, Tears and Daydream serenade)

     International Women's Day (8-th of March guys :D ) is pretty close so I came up with an awesome gift idea! Play one of these pieces for Your beloved one. I am giving 60% OFF ON ALL TRANSCRIPTIONS ;) So, as it was before, for all of You who don't want to pay anything, or don't know how, here's a list of free download links. The only "catch" is that You need to do a survey if You want to get it for free. Skip to the buy section (if You hate surveys or they don't work for Your country - which can also happen..)

Memories of the days gone by - PJ Grand (transcription) (with mp3 free
Memories of days gone by sheet music piano transcription

Mi amore - PJ Grand (transcription) (with mp3 free)
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Try these transcriptions out on some virtual pianos:
You will need to do an easy survey in order to get the file. If you want to buy it directly, you can do that simply by hitting the Buy Now buttons below:

Mi amore - PJ Grand (transcription)
PRICE: € 3.6 (EUR) ≈ $ 4.9 (USD)
OLD PRICE: € 9 / $ 11

Memories of days gone by - PJ Grand  PRICE: € 3.9 (EUR) ≈ $ 5.3(USD)
OLD PRICE: € 9.8 / $12 $$$

DUGME PJ Grand - Tears (transcription) PRICE: € 3.2 (EUR) ≈ $ 4(USD)
PJ Grand - Daydream serenade (transcription) PRICE: € 3.2 (EUR) ≈ $ 4(USD)

MIDI files are available for download through these links:

Click below to download 100% FREE:

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