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Friday, January 20, 2113


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 band / composer - title

  1. 3 Most popular waltzes : Josif Ivanovici - DunavskiValovi(Donauwellen, Dunajski Volni, Waves of the Danube), Juventino Rosas -Preko valova(Over the waves), Johann Strauss II - Na lepom plavom Dunavu (Ander schönen blauen Donau, The Blue Danube)
  2.  Adelle - Someone like you
  3. Albert Ammons - Boogie woogie stomp
  4. Alfred Publishing Company - A treasury of beloved standards (songlist here)
  5. Ariel Ramirez - Missa criolla
  6. Arthur Freed / Nacio HerbBrown - Singin' in the rain
  7. Astor Piazzolla - 6 tangos (Meditango, Undertango, Violentango,Amelitango,Novitango, Tristango)
  8. Astor Piazzolla - Libertango
  9. Astor Piazzolla - Oblivion
  10. Astor Piazzolla - Angel: Milonga del angel, La muerte del angel, Resurreccion del angel
  11. Azra - Balkan
  12. Bob Acri - Sleepaway
  13. Brahms Hungarian Dance No3 in F major
  14. BrianCrain - A Walk in the Forest
  15. Brian Crain - Across The Bay
  16. Brian Crain - Piano Opus complete book (Wind, Earth, Water, Fire, Rain, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Snow, Ice , Canon in D, Butterfly Waltz)
  17. Brian Crain - Dream of Flying
  18. Brian Crain - Eclipse of The Moon
  19. Brian Crain - Flight of the Eagle
  20. Brian Crain - Gliding moon
  21. Brian Crain - Light motif
  22. Brian Crain - Northern Sky
  23. Brian Crain - Season to joy
  24. Brian Crain - Voice from the Past
  25. Brian Crain - Song For Sienna
  26. Brian Crain - Sunshine and Blossoms
  27. Brian Crain - Wild river
  28. Brian Crain - White dove
  29. Brian Mcknight - One Last Cry
  30. Carly Comando - Everyday
  31. Chabrier - Trois valses Romantiques - 4 hands
  32. Charles Aznavour - She
  33. Chopin - 1 minute waltz
  34. Chopin - Bolero, Op 19
  35. Chris Marx - Blues lick with 4ths
  36. Clint Mansell - Requiem for a Dream
  37. Clint Mansell - The last man (Fountain)
  38. Clint Mansell - Together we will live forever(Fountain)
  39. Danny Elfman - Simpsons theme song
  40. Dave Brubeck - In Your Own Sweet Way
  41. Dave Brubeck - Kathy's Waltz
  42. David Bruce - 9 o'clock boogie
  43. David Bruce - Cowboy blues
  44. Debussy - Clair de lune
  45. Deep Purple - Soldier of Fortune
  46. Deep Purple - When a blind man cries
  47. Dexter Gordon & H. Warren - There will never beanother you
  48. Diana Krall - Just the way you are
  49. Digimon theme - Butterfly
  50. Duke Ellington - Jazzpiano book :Balcony serenade, Caravan Chelsea bridge, Dancers in love, Happy golucky local,I'm beginning to see the light, In a mellow tone, In a sentimental mood,Perdido, Prelude to a kiss, Satin Doll, Solitude; Stomp,Look and listen; Takethe 'A' train, The blues, The star crossed lovers, Things ain't what they usedto be.
  51. Ed Baker - Blues riffs for Piano
  52. Eric Marienthal - Saxophone comprehensive jazzstudies & exercises
  53. F. Mendelson - Wedding march
  54. Gary Jules - Mad world
  55. George Gershwin - It ain't necessarily so
  56. Goca Trzan - Zagrli
  57. Gonzales - Solo piano book vol. 1 : Gogol, Overnight,Dot, Armellodie, Carnivalse, Paristocrats, Gentle threat, Oregano, Empty music.
  58. Gonzales - solo piano book vol. 2 : Manifesto,Meisched,Bermuda triangle,The tourist,Salon Salloon,One evening,One note at a time,C.M Blues,Chilly in F Minor,Take me to Broadway,Basmati.
  59. Guns n Roses - NovemberRain
  60. Hiromi Uehara - Wind song
  61. Ido Ronen - Blues boogie woogie
  62. Indifference - Valse Musette - Spartito
  63. Irving Gordon - Unforgettable
  64. Jason mraz - Be honest
  65. Jason Mraz - I Won’t Give Up
  66. Joe Hisaishi - One Summer's Day (soundtrack of "Spirited Away") [rar password: jazzcasper]
  67. Johann Sebastian Bach-Invention 10
  68. John Mayer - Slow Dancing In a Burning Room
  69. John Valerio - Stride swing piano method
  70. Kaljinka - Калинка
  71. Leona Lewis - I see you (Avatar theme)
  72. Loreena McKennitt - Dante'sPrayer
  73. Louis Armstrong - Whata wonderful world
  74. Ludvig van Beethoven - Sonata No. 8 Pathetique
  75. Ludvig van Beethoven - Moonlight sonata
  76. Mario overworld theme
  77. Marko Bulat - Svanulo je
  78. Maroon 5 - This love
  79. Metallica - Nothing else matters
  80. Michel Camilo - From within
  81. Mozart - Di es irae
  82. Mozart - Lacrimosa
  83. Mozart - Rondo alla Turca
  84. Muse - Neutron star colision
  85. Music fundamentals ebook - Pianoencyclopedia
  86. Nazareth - Love Hurts
  87. Nino Rota - The Godfather theme song
  88. Offenbach - Can can (4 hands - arr. A.L.C.)
  89. Paderewski - Minuet in G - A la antique
  90. Paul Desmond - Take five
  91. Piano charts booklet - Pianoencyclopedia
  92. Подмосковные вечера / Podmoskovske veceri
  93. Rachmaninoff - Prelude C# minor
  94. Ray Charles - Hit the road Jack
  95. Ray Charles - You don't know me
  96. Rimsky Korsakov - Flight of the bumblebee (Bumbarov let)
  97. Robert Schumann - Riders tale
  98. Sasa Matic - Hocu da ostarim s tobom
  99. Scott Joplin - Mapple leaf rag
  100. Scott Joplin - The Entertainer
  101. Sixx Am - Skin
  102. Skrillex - Scarymonsters and nice sprites
  103. Smit Marten - Rockingalong
  104. The Fray - You found me
  105. Theme from The LoveStory
  106. Transformers - Arrivalto Earth
  107. Vangelis - Chariots of fire (versions: 123)
  108. Vangelis - Conquestof paradise
  109. Verdi - Traviatatheme
  110. White admiral (arr) - Bluesriffs 1+2
  111. Yann Tristen - Comptine d'Un Autre Été - L'apres midi
  112. Yiruma - Kiss the rain
  113. Yiruma - River flows in you
If You download anything from my blog please thank me in the comments below, on g+ or on my e-mail (go to contact for details).