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Monday, April 7, 2014

PJ Grand's transcriptions removed - COMING BACK SOON

All posts connected to PJ Grand's transcriptions are removed because of copyright infringement. If You want to get the sheet music of "Memories of days gone by", "Mi amore", "Tears" or  "Daydream serenade", You can contact the composer on his YouTube channel or G+ profile, or contact me on my e-mail or in G+ hangouts. I'm glad that composer was kind and didn't sue me because I posted his material on my blog. You can still listen to his compositions below :)
NOTE: All of my transcriptions are *for private use only* and they should not be used for reselling. 

U P D A T E: PJ Grand and I made an agreement by which I will sell the sheets on my blog again and we will share the sallary. The prices will stay the same, I just need to wait for the composer to check the transcriptions for possible mistakes and to put information about the sheets on his website. After all of the necessary measures have been handled, all of the removed sheets will be back on my blog. Until then, enjoy these beautiful tunes. Love You all, Casper Jazz and PJ Grand (: