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Monday, August 8, 2016

Yamaha P95 first demo song sheet music

Long time - no see, but there is a special reason for this. The most popular and most-wanted sheet music is finally COMPLETE. It is the sheet music for the first demo song of the Yamaha P95 digital piano. You can listen to it in the video below. 

It was definitely the hardest piece to transcribe, ever. Such complex chord structures and melody lines with great rhythm figures - true gold of groove :)

Here is a preview of the sheets, for You to see that I am not lying or trying to fool You.
P95 demo song #1 sheet music preview

Try to play the preview on some virtual pianos:

And now the part that all of You are waiting.. 
GET THE SHEETS section. So..

OPTION 1 : To download for FREE (by survey * ) : click here to get it NOW

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OLD price: €13 (EUR)
NEW Price: €9.8 Euros

MIDI files are available for a free download (via surveys) along with the mp3s

 To celebrate my blog reaching 60 thousand views - THANK YOU ALL - the price for first three of You who send me an email with the code "60KCASPERJAZZ" will get the sheet music for just
6 (EUR)  ≈  $ 6.6 (USD)

* I don't control for who the survey will or will not work or if they will be for free or not. I offer this way of download since it is free for most of the more-developed countries (I come from a less-developed one, so I know how You feel right now - sorry ♥). If You are unlucky with the survey (of which I also have no control or choice), contact me or hit the "Buy Now" button to get Your favorite sheets :).